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Welcome to Melo Farms

A small husband and wife farm in Yale, Michigan committed to natural farming practices - including rotational grazing, grass-based animal husbandry and humane handling - and growing the absolute best-tasting premium pork.

2020 Important Update | Berkshire Hog Whole and Half

2020 Update - We happy to share we will continue to raise a limited number of Berkshire hogs this year and they will only be sold as whole and halves. We will have plenty of pasture come mid Spring with plenty of room for our purebreed, heritage hogs to roam and thrive! Besides greens we'll supplement their feed with our usual non gmo, non soy feed combined with our own farm raised organic produce.

We appreciate all of our existing customers so our process is to send an email to our Melo peeps in March. Once we confirm those orders I'll update this website with remaining availability. We anticipate we will process the hogs in the November time frame and try to ensure we have whole hog weights in the 250 pound range.

Cost | We are offering two pricing options

Option 1 - $3.75 lb hanging weight
  • Pay a $375.00 deposit per half at time of order. This pre-pays 100 pounds per half. There will be a balance due at time of processing of $3.75 lb for the weight over 100 lbs. Processing fees are separate and due to McNees at time of processing.
Option 2 - $4.00 lb hanging weight
  • Pay a $100.00 deposit per half at time of order. The balance due at time of processing is $4.00 lb hanging weight minus the $100 deposit. Processing fees are separate and due to McNees at time of processing.

Check back for the 2020 hog raising timeline and updates


Beyond the Chicken Tractor - NEW !!!

It's here !!!  Beyond the Chicken Tractor - Evolving beyond the Chicken Tractor for a fully pastured life cycle

This new paper is over 30 pages with more than 25 photos and how the Hoop House is the ideal structure to start baby chicks on grass and provide the ideal environment for healthy growth. 

Also, the paper covers how the Hoop House can be easily converted for cold weather applications ... such as this last long winter!

All yours for $14.95

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Premium Heritage Pork

Our mission is to provide a healthier pork offering in terms of the life the pigs live, including the care they receive and the food they consume. We started our farm here in Yale, Michigan in April 2010, with our first group of pure breed Berkshire heritage pigs arriving in May. Join us in our journey as we begin to transform our 40 acre farm into a model of sustainable growth, embracing humane animal husbandry and employing natural farming practices with a heritage breed of swine. We believe the vital ingredient to our quality pork is creating and maintaining a natural and safe environment for our hogs to live, play and thrive. In addition to free range grass pasture, we buy local grain from our neighbors . Our role is to be a good steward to the land we occupy, the animals we raise and to you our customers as we strive to be a positive force in this challenging time of food opportunities.

Livin’ Large

Our pigs are life-lived animals that enjoy pastured land every day. This gives our herd the luxury of playful socialization with each other rather than the isolation of the single stall pen system favored by the pork industry. Our pigs roam our pasture, run and romp in the field, nestle with each other when sleeping and move like an army of mini-hippos to play in favorite dig holes. They have a shaded nest in the pasture, free running clean water and protection from predators. Their bodies bear no signs of crowding stress such as ear or tail bites. What we donít have are wire floors, single occupancy stations, or a manure lagoon. Our Berkshire hogs are calm and playful and, of course, full of personality!

Meet Our USDA Processors

McNees | Located in North Branch, Michigan these processors use a scald technique after the kill to preserve the skin. This gives our customers who cure their own pork the ability to make old world favorites like prosciutto!

C Roy's | Located  here in our town of Yale, Michigan.  C Roys is a big deal here in Yale as they've been around forever as a family owned processor Ė and are responsible for putting Yale on the map with their world famous annual bologna festival! To learn more about these fabulous people click here 

USDA processors are a true full business partner for any farm. We are incredibly fortunate to have two USDA processors. Schedule availability will determine which processor we use in 2020.